New Technologies: Advantages and Disadvantages

May 3, 2015


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Technology is in every aspect of our lives today. Everything in the world today looks more convenient and also easier to get with different technologies. As it seems now, the world cannot be without technologies.

Technologies come with advantages and disadvantages. Through technologies, individuals have found different tasks and services become more accessible than in the past. However, technologies have also led to a couple of negative results in the world.

What are the Advantages of New Technologies?

Advantages of New TechnologiesNew technologies have brought about different means of conducting tasks and meeting our day-to-day needs. This has translated into numerous benefits in life. The benefits include:

1) Higher Profits

Recently, numerous technologies such as internet, smartphones, tablets, and social media platforms have emerged. These technologies have increased the ways through which one can earn a living. Also, through these technologies individuals can advertise their businesses and also increase their efficiency in work.

2) Efficient and Fast Communication

The emergence of numerous devices and technologies such as social media platforms has increased efficiency and also speed in communication. The search engines enhanced in different websites makes it easier to access data in a speedy manner.

3) Education Effectiveness

The field of education utilizes technology more than any other fields but still technologies couldn’t replace books. However, different technologies are used in teaching, reading, analyzing, and researching in education. Through technologies, services such as e-learning, passage of content from educators to learners, and interaction among education institutions has been enhanced.

4) Improved Healthcare

Technologies such as x-trays, scanning devices, and therapy devices among others have translated into a more efficient manner in how healthcare is being offered to patients. Also, through technologies, it is easier for patients to contact and book services at healthcare institutions.

5) Cost Efficiency in Production

After installing technologies such as computerized systems, mechanization in different fields, and use of robots, the cost of production reduces in a significant amount.

What are the Disadvantages of New Technologies?

disadvantages of New Technologies

Although technologies have numerous benefits, they are still associated with several disadvantages. These include:

1) Environmental Pollution

Technologies have increased efficiency in production processes such as polymerization and combustion of fuels among others. This has led to increased waste products and emissions into the environment causing pollution.

2) Diseases Increase

Technologies such as food production and preparation and preservation using refrigerator, microwaves, or preservatives have led to increased cases of diseases such as cancer, obesity, and kidney diseases.

3) Unemployment

In various sectors technologies have led to immense unemployment. For instance, security systems, robots, and mechanization of various fields have led to replacement of human labor with technology.

4) Increased Political Unrest and World Destruction

Various countries such as North Korea have heavily used technologies to manufacture weapons, for example, nuclear. As a result, they have put the world under political unrest in fear of outbreak of war. They have also led to destruction of some parts of the world, for example, in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

5) Negligence of Human Knowledge and Effort

Nowadays, individuals, firms, and companies are relying on the accuracy, speed, and effectiveness associated with technologies over human knowledge and effort. This has led to overlooking on human knowledge and effort in favor of technologies.


New technologies have brought new ways of doing almost everything in today’s life. Technologies have increased human capabilities and efficiency in life. However, they have also been a source of various challenges and risks in the society.