Resources: Energy & Water

April 13, 2015


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Water and energy are two resources which are related to one another. Normally, numerous energy alternatives rely on water for their production purposes, for example, electricity. Therefore, water is an essential component in the production of energy.

What are the Ways in Which Water and Energy are related?

Both water and energy are two important components in the life of human beings. They are used for several purposes which are centrally to human survival. These two resources are related in many ways.

Each of these resources makes an important part in the production of the other. At the same time, both resources are associated with the utilization and exploitation of each other in order to enhance production processes.

1) Water for Energy

Energy production is highly dependent on water. Water is used in different ways to ensure that energy is produced in its active form. For example, processes such as cooling processes, cultivation of the plants which are used for bio-fuels production, enhancing the performance of turbines, and cleaning purposes all require water. In most of the companies which are involved in the production of energy, water is a major component that is used in their processes. Water also makes the raw materials for energy in some cases.

2) Energy for Water

Energy & Water ResourcesEnergy is also needed in various processes that involve water. In order for water to reach its desired destination, energy must be utilized. Energy enhances water to move from its source up to the destination where it is required for human use. This involves areas where processes such as irrigation, cleaning, domestic or industrial consumption, desalination, or pumping. All these processes cannot take place with the absence of energy.

The Water-Energy Relationship in the management of water and energy resources, energy intensity translates to water intensity in their different sectors respectively and vice versa. Any change in the level of energy directly affects water. Without energy, there is no water and without water, there is no energy.

Different systems such as the water and energy management systems as well as the water infrastructure systems normally showcase the relationship between water and energy. Efficiency in these systems portrays the sufficient presence of water and energy resources. The failure in each of these systems to function as required shows the insufficient presence of the associated resource.

How to Make Each of the Resources Accessible?

The availability each of the resources between water and energy is dependent on the other one. According to IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in 2014, people with access to electricity have an improved access to water than those who do not have electricity.

Energy makes an important part in the development of energy infrastructures, for example, purification, softening, and transportation. On the other hand, water makes the production of energy easier and possible.

Therefore, in order to ensure that water and energy resources are easily accessible to people, each of the systems dealing with either water of energy must be strengthen. This will increase the efficiency of the system. The efficiency of the water and energy systems translates into improved capacity of the resources becoming more accessible.