Top 10 Smart Cities In the World

April 22, 2015


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Top 10 Smart Cities In the WorldA city is termed as smart after determining the effective data systems that are interlinked to share different information about the city. This information may concern security, waste management, financial information, energy, health care, water system, and traffic management. The following are a couple of smart cities in the world:

1) London

According to the World Bank Smart Cities Conference, London has appeared as the smartest city in the world for over 3 times. The 2010 London DataStore was marked as a successful and an open data system in the world. Over 500 data sets such as interactive apps, projections for demography and population, and transport systems were integrated together for easy access.

2) New York

After partnering with IBM, New York installed the IBM Business Analytic Solution Center. This data system enhances the city to handle business processes, tax issues, health, fire, and waste management. The data system is expected to help New York to save up to $100m in five years.

3) Paris

Paris is among the greenest cities of Europe. The city has introduced intense digital governance and inattentiveness through establishing data programs such as Autolib and Velib. These programs have translated into efficiency in sectors such as rental stations, traffic, and administration.

4) Toronto

This is the smartest city in North America. Through partnership with IBM, Toronto was able to introduce the IBM Analytics Solution Center. Also, together with Clinton 40 (C40), the system is able to manage its sectors such as water, waste, and finance.

5) Tokyo

Top 10 Smart Cities In the WorldTokyo is the smartest city in Asia. The city has partnered with Panasonic Accenture and Tokyo Gas to ensure that all its sectors are unified for easy management. Tokyo has an data system which integrates storage batteries, energy efficiency appliances, and waste management systems. By linking all these sectors together to a single smart grid, the city is able to control the level of energy consumption.

6) Copenhagen

Copenhagen has largely been famous as the greenest city in the world. Since 1995, the city has achieved in reducing carbon emission by 50%. With Intelligent Traffic Management System and a system for waste management, the city is able to enhance cleanliness and reduced congestion.

7) Seoul

Seoul was among the first cities to introduce the Online Electric Vehicle Technology (OLEV). This technology involves the use of naturally manufactured energy by vehicles. Through magnetic fields fitted on the roads, electric vehicles can be charged as they move. This has helped to reduce energy consumption and carbon emission.

The city has partnered with companies such as Samsung to enhance teleconferencing and groupware systems. It has ensured that over 30 % members of the civil society reside near their homes.

8) Barcelona

Top 10 Smart Cities In the WorldBarcelona is known for its effectiveness in dealing with carbon emission through LIVE EV for EVs and charging infrastructure. The city has data systems to manage finance, waste, water, and traffic.

9) Vienna

The city is popular due to its performance in digital administration and green city achievement. Programs such as Smart Energy Vision – 2050, Road Map – 2020, and Action Plan – 2012-15 has enhanced the city to attain its height.

10) Helsinki

Helsinki has an automated system for waste management which takes charge of over 97% of the total waste from the city. It has different energy efficiency apps and over 1,000 data sets which has enabled it to deal with its sectors. The Helsinki Region Info share platform is used to integrate these data sets.


Smartness of a city implies the smart technologies which have been install to enhance the city to deal with its resources and sectors. Such technologies translates into effectiveness, security, efficiency, improved quality of life, and reduced congestion in the cities.