What Is The Best Time to Visit Iceland?

March 4, 2014


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Best Time to Visit Iceland

Iceland is arguably one of the most visited countries in the world. This is due to its natural and interesting features such as auroras, hot springs, lakes, mountains, and camping sites. Many visitors attend Iceland during different times of the year.

The Best Time to Visit Iceland

As a polar country, Iceland experiences severe cases of extreme cold during the winter. At the same time, some of the features which are most watched in Iceland appear or are best seen during some times of the year. The following are some tips on the best time that you should visit Iceland:

1. Summer Visits to Iceland

Summer comes with a change in weather and the length of days in Iceland. People and animals are more open to interaction and movements. Also, the natural vegetation is livelier. The skies are open thus enhancing proper view of horizons and far distances.

Highland roads are now better and not muddy. The midnight sun allows visitors to enjoy lengthy trips with more time for interaction and visits to different places. However, all these come with cost and perseverance of the congestion in different areas.

2. Autumn Iceland Visits

In Iceland, autumn season is associated with golden lights from the rays of the sun, big storms, and colorful natural vegetation. The country is also in an intensified darkness season in the country.

The weather is unpredictable especially in the south where many unpredictable and crazy storms take place regularly. At this time of the year, Iceland receives the least number of visitors due to poor weather and darkness. However, prices are extremely low while congestion is also erased out.

3. Winter Visits to Iceland

Winter sunshine around Reykjavik city centre Iceland Arctic Circle

Arguably, winter presents the best view of the northern lights in Iceland. These lights can be viewed before the dawn and after sunset in the evening. They appear in colors such as orange, pink, and yellow.

The winter also provides the best experiences in hot springs and camping activities. However, visitors especially those from tropical regions are affected by harsh weather associated with extremely low temperatures. Nonetheless, winter provides the best out of Iceland visits.

4. Spring Visits to Iceland

Spring comes with a taste in everything and a different experience after the harsh winter season. Everyone wants to go out and have some fun. The weather is cool and friendly for activities such as soaking in hot springs, camping, and hiking.

The northern lights can be sparingly viewed. Factors such as the congestion of the summer as well as the winter limitations due to weather are completely eliminated during spring season. This is the season when the real appearance of Iceland returns.


With such knowledge, you can easily determine the most suitable time for you to visit the polar region of Iceland. This will depend with your budgets and the activities that you target to do at Iceland. For maximum fun and adventure, summer may be the best season for you. On the other hand, for education purposes, winter or autumn seasons will be better for you in order to avoid costs and congestion in different places.